For The Ones Who Hurt In Silence 💖: Introduction

“If you quit when things get tough, it gets that much easier to quit the next time. On the other hand, if you force yourself to push through a challenge, the strength begins to grow in you.”

10 Habits of Mentally Strong People

Life put me on a compulsory writing sabbatical but I’m glad to say it really was for the best. If you still haven’t read Finding Mr Darcy, you should. Vote while you’re at it. There’s more to come there.

New everythings scare me.

If I’m not scared, I probably don’t really want it.

This one I hope to learn from. I hope we all learn from. What I really hope to do here is challenge everyone to think differently.

I wrote the first story in December; shortly before Christmas. (It’s not the first story in the series. Just the first one I wrote.)

It started out as a love story. In fact, the first line was something I had tweeted about my love for JK Rowling and the Harry Potter series. I started weaving a romantic story that became something else.

And then I left it.

Early this year, I thought of it, but instead of picking up the original, I began writing a different story – beginning this series touching on rape, consent, domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse.

I think there’s quite a bit missing in the current narrative/environment and what this is trying to do is tell unique stories, offer a more rounded perspective or understanding, showcase some of the nuances we do not see.

There are a lot of stories on social media these days and a lot of wokeness. To be honest, my personal interest has taken several hits with the unending social media drivel around these topics. It’s a curious mash of genuine outrage and desire for change, fake deep, half-baked thoughts and opinions, banter and whatever other mix-ins I may be missing.

I’ve had to take time off that claustrophobic place to find my own thoughts and ideas again.

Love won.

This starts off with a five-episode series of standalone stories – some of which are fiction (I’m curious to see if these can be distinguished). Most are true stories. Some really personal and close to home.

Following this, there can be anonymous (or not) contributions.

We will not be using this to directly shame or accuse anyone as we all know there are repercussions to this and we really cannot fact check stories.

I hope this would however be an eye-opening journey for all of us.

I know it already is for me.

I’m tempted to just put up all the stories now but May 13, 2017 is just about a week away.

I’ll wait.

A toast 🍷

To the journey ahead




3 thoughts on “For The Ones Who Hurt In Silence 💖: Introduction

  1. *snaps fingers* Speak, girl! I love how you called out a lot of the “half-baked thoughts and opinions” on social media when it comes to these intense topics. People can be particularly one-sided or may write without knowing the full scope of the issues. I’m looking forward to reading your writing! I think your perspective will be an amazing addition. With love!


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