About The Chronicles of Ess

Well, by now, you’ve seen the pages in the menu so you know what I currently blog about. I’d add more as this grows and I find a routine that helps me accommodate more.

The Chronicles of Ess is about me, Ess. It began as an avenue for the expression of a multitude of thoughts. Naturally, I hope it grows into something meaningful. Definitely more than a random collection of words and pictures.

The blog would probably contain some thoughts and musings, a lot of which would be around my faith.

I am Christian.

I am the Daughter of The King.

Jesus Is Everything To Me.

So, I will talk about those a lot and share my experiences. I’d also try to do a lot of literature because it’s something I love.

P.S.: All rights reserved. This blog and its content or any part thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Copying or duplicating in any form as a part or as a whole is strictly prohibited. Links may be shared provided the credits are clearly and fully given.

i.e.: If you take something off here, you better fix up and credit me as appropriate.

Ess 😉


Comments are always welcome 😊

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