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As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens [and influences] another [through discussion]. Proverbs 27:17 AMP I met Ore through twitter, an environment I believe gives back what you put in. He's a gifted friend who not only does poetry but also design [as is evident in my current logo which he totally surprised me with]. On the [...]



If you're anything like me, the decision to share something you've written is so hard.  Its like sharing a piece of yourself with everyone and no one and sometimes, it falls flat. Other times, it brings you joy to have shared. You think "Will it seem silly or stupid?", "Am I sharing too much?", "Have I [...]


I didn’t ask for this view Drake can come and have it But now that I have it, I want it

Who Is Ignoring You?

We stretch a little Go away, out of our way Because maybe we’ll reach Get a grasp and hold on tight Draw them closer or maybe fight