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Finding Mr Darcy: Adventures in Love For The Ones Who Hurt In Silence 💖


For The Ones Who Hurt In Silence 💖: IV

"Greatness is built with consistency" Good Love is Boring | Kris Gage Currently loving: Good love is “boring”  | Kris Gage Yeah, I can't believe it either. The last time I posted was in October 2017. I have planned and even started a few posts since then but for some reason, **life**, I never got around to [...]

We Are The Israelites

"When Israel saw the great power which the L ORD had used against the Egyptians, they feared the LORD [with reverence and awe-filled respect], and they believed in the LORD, and in His servant Moses." Exodus 14:31  I often wonder what it would be like if Jesus came now like He did in Israel. Would [...]

For The Ones Who Hurt In Silence 💖: III

"​Words dog you like hounds on the heels of a fugitive. On good days, the reward is intensely pleasant: a clever turn of phrase that successfully pulls the heart strings into a certain action, a certain thought or contemplation, or merely empathy leaving rich residue on a mind battered by the country’s abusive temperament. On [...]

For The Ones Who Hurt In Silence 💖: II

“, in the Christian sense, does not mean an emotion. It is a state not of the feelings but of the will...” Mere Christianity | CS Lewis Currently loving:  Series - Kemi Adetiba's King Women Book – Mere Christianity by CS Lewis Music - Tonight by Nonso Amadi There's a bit of an unintended coincidence here [...]

For The Ones Who Hurt In Silence 💖: I

"...a complacent acceptance of the status quo reflects more than a failure of nerve." Kathleen Norris Foreword | Mere Christianity Currently loving: Book - Mere Christianity | CS Lewis; Poetry by anj_ade (Medium) Nothing could be more celebratory of editor, best friend, all-round solid guy - who's put in a lot of time and effort, heard so much whining, [...]

For The Ones Who Hurt In Silence 💖: Introduction

"If you quit when things get tough, it gets that much easier to quit the next time. On the other hand, if you force yourself to push through a challenge, the strength begins to grow in you." 10 Habits of Mentally Strong People Life put me on a compulsory writing sabbatical but I'm glad to [...]

5 Ways to Stay In Relationship With God

"...this living-by-faith lifestyle requires trust." Starving | Hailee Steinfeld, Grey featuring Zedd Hey everyone! It's been a while, I know. I've had a bit of a slow start to my year but February is already looking fantastic. On Monday, I got featured on Oréoluwa's blog (awesome way to usher in the month, I know). [...]

The List 102: My Scorecard System

"My alone feels so good, I'll only have you if you're sweeter than my solitude." Warsan Shire Maybe IDK | Jon Bellion Happy New Year everyone!!! 🎆🎇🎉🎊🎈 I wish you a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead. The promise of this new year will not fail us in the year ahead and every day will bring us [...]

Merry Christmas to You and Yours!!!

On Christmas day in 2014, I published my first post on the blog. The blog was called something else then and of course, it had a different address. I'm pleased to say it has come a long way since then and you can tell just by reading that. I couldn’t let today pass without a [...]